Give me a world and return you an oasis

Give me a world and return you an oasis

    XGLD new high-efficiency aluminum electrolysis flue gas purification dust collector

    • Filter area5370~9330 square meters
    • Handling air volume770000 m3/h~1297000m3/h
    • Applicable working conditionsAluminum electrolysis flue gas purification

    1、采用新型高效铝电解烟气净化工艺,采用同一管段两级加料技术,并实现氧化铝加料流量中控显示。2、采用N型反应通道的耐磨结构技术。 3、采用进风粉尘气流导流、均流、恒流技术。 4、采用大容量沸腾床技术,解决储灰斗积灰堵塞严重问题,提高了氟化物的净化效率。5、滤袋装配方便,密封性好,实现了顶部箱内换袋。 6、采用自动化袋笼生产线,表面光滑无毛刺,质量可靠,外形美观。&nb

    1. Detailed information

    1. Adopt a new high-efficiency aluminum electrolysis flue gas purification process, adopt two-stage feeding technology in the same pipe section, and realize a centrally controlled display of alumina feeding flow.

    2. Wear-resistant structure technology using N-type reaction channel.

    3. Adopting the technology of airflow diversion, equalization and constant flow of air inlet dust.

    4. Adopt large-capacity fluidized bed technology to solve the serious problem of ash accumulation and blockage in the ash storage hopper and improve the purification efficiency of fluoride.

    5. The filter bag is easy to assemble and has good airtightness, which can change the bag inside the top box.

    6. The automatic bag cage production line is adopted, the surface is smooth without burrs, the quality is reliable, and the appearance is beautiful.

    7. The special filter material for aluminum electrolysis is used, and the service life of the filter bag is guaranteed to be more than 3 years.

    8. Imported pulse valve is adopted, and the service life of the diaphragm of the wearing parts exceeds 1.5 million times.

    9. The advanced controller with three control modes of differential pressure, timing and manual, performs comprehensive intelligent control of the dust removal pulse valve control, fault alarm, filter bag damage display alarm, and temperature of the dust collector equipment.