Give me a world and return you an oasis

Give me a world and return you an oasis

Company salesman

  • NumberSeveral
  • Workplacejiaxing
  • Deal5000
  • Release Date2020-05-25
  • ValidityNo limit


market channel development and sales work, implement and complete the company's product annual sales plan.

-According to the company's marketing strategy, increase sales value, control costs, expand product sales in the area under which it is responsible, actively complete sales volume targets, and expand product market share.

-Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. Provide customers with active, enthusiastic, satisfactory and thoughtful service.

-According to the company's products, prices and market strategies, independently handle inquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms, and contract signing. During the execution of the contract, coordinate and supervise the operation of various functional departments of the company.

-Dynamically grasp market prices, and regularly provide the company with market analysis and forecast reports and personal work weekly reports.

-Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, independently develop and expand upstream and downstream users, especially end users.

-Collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and put forward reference opinions on the company's marketing strategy, after-sales service, etc.

-Conscientiously implement the company's sales management regulations and implementation rules, and strive to improve its own business level.

-Actively complete the prescribed or promised sales volume targets and cooperate with sales representatives.

-To handle various business tasks, we must actively contact, ask for instructions beforehand, report afterwards, be loyal to their duties, and act honestly.

-Responsible for signing sales contracts with customers, urging the contract to be performed as scheduled, and dunning the sales receivables owed.

-Help or contact relevant departments or units to properly solve the problems and procedures that customers have to go through in the process of sales and use.

-Collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and put forward reference opinions on the company's marketing strategy, advertising, after-sales service, product improvement and new product development.

-Fill in relevant sales forms, submit sales analysis and summary reports.

-Focus on the company's interests, do not ask for rebates, and hand over the gift money to the company, and the debts collected outside must be handed over to the company within three months. Failure to pay after the time limit constitutes a crime. The law shall be investigated for the crime of embezzlement of public funds responsibility.

-Responsible for each business to the end, follow the contract and collect the money and goods received, and report, ask for instructions and handle problems in time.

-Actively develop new customers, maintain good relationships and lasting contacts with customers, and constantly develop business channels.

-When traveling on business, you should save on transportation, accommodation, business hospitality and other expenses, and avoid extravagance and waste. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the Marketing Minister.